Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fire and Rescue Dept - Rescue Boat Delivery

We had successfully delivered all the 50 sets of Savage boats, Mercury Outboards & trailers to the Malaysian Fire & Rescue Dept recently at their Putrajaya headquarters.

Part of new Rescue Equipments on display during the handing over ceremony.

Our Managing Director handing over the scale model of light rescue boat to the

Local Development Minister during the ceremony.

Close up view of Savage boat & Mercury outboard scale model.

Fleet of new light rescue boats delivered to 


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We have completed testing the last batch of the 50 sets of Light Aluminium Rescue Savage boats powered by Mercury Bigfoot 4 stroke 60hp outboards supplied to BOMBA DAN PENYELAMAT MALAYSIA.

Every boats was being rigorously tested by the authorities personnel before delivery to ensure consistent performance.

Video clips of the test session at Millenium Vista apartment lake on 29th Dec.

Some of the boats on test.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gator-Tail Mudboat - Dual Motors

Dual GTR35 rigged up to GTB1860 boat on test at Kuala Kedah playground.

Image below is the water splash from the surface drives of the dual mudmotor props.

Dual and Single GTR35  motors on 1860 boat for the river and mud runs from

Ampang Jajar to Kuala Kedah.

The boat behaves very well on the mud with 5 crews on board and below are some of the video clips during our recent test.

Ntline Promo video clip.

Video clips of the boat on test.

Gator-Tail on convoy to the mud flat.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Savage Boats - Search & Rescue operations

Below images are some of the performance tests carried out to every Savage Boats for BOMBA DAN PENYELAMAT MALAYSIA which will take delivery of 50 sets soon.

All the boats are rigorously  tested at different venues such as around coastal areas, choppy water condition at westport rivermouth, endurance test around the island and fresh water lake to evaluate their performance.

Video clip of Savage Boat performance test at Port Dickson coastal areas.

Video clip of Savage Boat performance test at Westport rivermouth.

Video clip of Savage Boat performance test at Puchong fresh water lake.

Laden boat with 10 crews on test in fresh water lake.

Our Ocean Pontoon cubes serves as a temporary jetty.

Initial preparation before the day of testing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SEARCH and RESCUE light boat.

Light SAVAGE Boat for Search and Rescue (SAR)  operation was successfully launched recently at Royal Selangor Yacht Club.

A 6 mtr ALB powered by a 60hp 4 stroke Mercury outboard could easily charge at full ahead speed with 10 crews onboard with enough space for more casualties for SAR operation.

This light, strong and stable aluminium hull is designed for the following application:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Flood Relief
  • Marine Police
  • Military Operation
  • Commercial Transportation

Boat painted with SAR colour scheme.

Range of Savage light craft series.

Final Preparation before the test run.

Mercury 60hp 4- stroke outboard motor.

Cruising performance with engine at different throttle speed:

  • Very smooth riding, good wave splitting and splash restrain by V-nose bow design.
  • Excellent performance at high speed sharp turn with minimum water splash.

Video clip during recent test run at Royal Selangor Yacht Club.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MUDBOATS - Surface Drive Mudmotors

New release in our product lines are the range of boats that could be pushed through marshlands and muddy areas.

These boats could run on shallow water condition.

Youtube link to our video clips :

Handing over demo clip at Sabak Bernam.

Trial run clips at Kuala Kedah.

More Gator-Tail trial run video clips at the end of this topic.

Launching Gator-Tail at Alor Setar.

Our trial run at Kuala Kedah muddy areas on single GTR35

The engines are Vanguard air cooled, 35hp v-twin cyl.

Motor specs:

• Instant Full Throttle Reverse
• Power Hydraulic Trim
• 12" Big Blade High Thrust Prop
• Squeeze Grip Throttle
• Tachometer/Hour Meter
• Stand Up or Sit Down Operation
• Free Floating Handle
• Easy Off Prop Design
• Maintenance Free Belt Drive System
• Sealed Lower Unit
• Alum and Stainless Components
• Approx. Weight 245 lbs.
• Approx. Speeds 25-33 Mph.

Centre console available.

Single Vee engine with centre console.

Special design Console available upon request.

Pics on Surface Drive Mudmotor action.

Plan view of Gator-Tail boat standard configuration.

Design may vary depending on customer needs.


• .125" 5086 Marine Alum One Piece Hull
• 2"x 2"x 1/8" 6063T52 Longitudinal Ribs
• .100 Deck & Floor
• 20" H Sides
• 21" Transom
• 6" 6061T6 Channel For Transom Bracing
• Heavy Duty Gunnel Rail
• Stainless Steel Rivets for Sub Floor

Standard Features:

• 4' Deck w/ Pedistal Base & Under DecK Storage
• Trolling Motor Bracket
• Front Deck Drain
• Rear Heavy Duty Driver's Box
• Rear Driver's Stand Up Bar (Grab Bar)
• Angled Transom for Enhanced Reverse Performance
• Special Side Crim

Dual Motor configuration optional.

Recommended twin rigs will be on 2060 model.

We can customise the boats to suit your needs and are constantly venturing into new areas of application as a solutions provider to our increasing fleet of customers.

Nautical Line is a Sole Distributor for Gator-Tail outboards in Malaysia.

Pls call us for more information on product application or visit our sales outlet for demonstration arrangement.

Video Clip below is our gator-tail runs at Kuala Kedah.

Our test video clips on youtube:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Valiant Rigid Inflatable Boats

Valiant Rigid Inflatable Boats are safe, stable, light, fast, fuel-efficient and easy to transport.

Valiant uses AKRON TPE, a specially formulated material, for the tubes. The main characteristic of this material can be summarized as having an extremely high resistance to abrasion, UV and chemical degradation.

The Valiant range offers a RIB to suit any purpose, the popular Vanguard range through to the Professional range are highly robust practical boats with military designed hull that suits professional and commercial use.

Engine packages are also available to suit various configurations.

Valiant Professional Patrol

The Valiant Professional Patrol range are designed for professional users. 

The deep-vee hulls of the Valiant Patrol series have been military designed for the exceptional performance in rough sea conditions. 

Available with a range of accessories to meet user needs.

Valiant Professional:
» PT 520 / 650 / 750 / 850

Valiant Diving & Rescue Ribs. ( DR series)

The Valiant DR series is perfectly designed for Dive or Rescue applications.

The Valiant DR 400, DR 450 and DR 490 are small in size but offer a range of features usually associated with much larger craft. 
Compact and practical design makes them ideal for sailing club support and rescue applications. 

The larger DR 520, DR 570, DR 620 and DR 750 models are well suited for use as dive boats and for commercial use but also make a versatile runabout. 

DR 750 can also be rigged for twin outboards.

Valiant Diving & Rescue:
» DR 400 / 450 / 490 
» DR 520 / 570 
» DR 620 / 750

Valiant Vanguard Ribs.

The Valiant Vanguard Rigid Inflatable Boats features sporty design, ideal for family and leisure use.
Numerous standard accessories and optional features are available to tailor the boat to your needs.

Valiant Vanguard: 
» Vanguard 400 / 450 / 490 
» Vanguard 520 / 570 
» Vanguard 620 / 750 / Cruiser 

Pls contact us for more information.